What is the best way to get your product onto the market? And how do you create a buzz around it? Nick Vinckier, Digital Consultant at Duval Union Consulting, gives some advice on strategy, as well as sharing practical tools and tips, at a growth hacking webinar.

What do start-ups need in order to survive and then to flourish?

It all starts with a good business plan. This is something that often gets overlooked, alongside having a realistic revenue model and good marketing. It doesn’t matter how fantastic your product or website is if people don’t know it’s there. Few start-ups realise how much energy they will need to put into (growth) marketing. Alongside your business and marketing plan, another crucial element is your team’s mentality.

Can anyone become an entrepreneur?

Absolutely not. There’s more to it than just reading an article about Silicon Valley and deciding you’re made for it. Never before has being an entrepreneur been so cool; but the truth of the matter is, it’s extremely hard work. In Belgium, you could even go as far as to say it’s a bit rock ’n’ roll or sexy to be an entrepreneur. Elon Musk from Tesla and Travis Kalanick from Uber almost have rock-star status, but what start-ups are really all about is hard graft.

What experience did you acquire during your time at the web platform Social Seeder?

I have been in the business world since I was young, but during my time at Social Seeder I experienced all the highs and the lows and learned a great deal. When you and your colleagues are there right from the word go, it makes you more deeply involved in the business. This gave me a great deal of responsibility. I got involved with every aspect of Social Seeder, from business development to sales. I was also responsible for social media, online marketing, the website and inbound marketing. From the strategic to the practical, short-term and long-term; as long as the customers were happy, I was satisfied.

How do you view the future of the media?

It is absolutely essential for large businesses and start-ups to work together. It’s extremely difficult for large businesses to change course dramatically. But they do need new skills and new ways of working. The key to future success lies with traditional businesses and start-ups working together.

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