William De Nolf, Director of New Media at Roularta, is closely involved with market initiatives such as Media ID and buymedia.be. As a Roularta professional, his advice to start-ups is to get feedback from their clients as fast as they can.
Why should start-ups sign up for the Roularta Mediatech Accelerator programme?

• It’s a good way to gain insight into the market, in particular the media market.
• Start-ups will receive 25,000 euros in funding, which is sure to be welcome.
• The media space on offer is a great way for start-ups to increase their visibility.
• Roularta is a key player in the media world, meaning start-ups will benefit from our expertise in this field.
• They will be offered the help and support of our expert mentors.

As a mentor, what expertise do you bring to the Accelerator programme?
Together with my team of specialists, I will be sharing our extensive online-media market knowledge. We know all about digital publishing, content creation, content distribution, online marketing, advertising, etc.
What advice do you have for start-ups?
Make sure you test out all your assumptions in the real world and try to make realistic estimates. Also, make sure you get feedback from your users or clients as quickly as possible, so that you can adjust to their needs. Make sure any assumptions you make are well-founded.
How do you view the future of the media?
There will be more and more focus on collecting, managing and interpreting data, and the privacy issues around this subject. Facebook and Google together account for 60% of worldwide digital advertising revenue, a large portion of which is thanks to data collected from their users. The possibilities will become more and more diverse: offline, online, TV, video, events, line extensions, etc. Online and offline domains need to merge to form a single entity. Business models must be challenged and new channels for media consumption must be found which aren’t too labour intensive in terms of human intervention.
What are the most important considerations for start-ups wanting to scale?
• Always start by asking ‘why?’. The first thing every start-up needs is a clear vision that they can easily communicate to their employees.
• Determine the values which are important to your business.
• Building a good team is crucial. Diversity within your team is essential, but make sure everyone is working towards the same goal.
• Measure engagement and productivity.

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