“Start-ups which take part in the Roularta Mediatech Accelerator programme can expect to step up a gear”, says Philippe Belpaire, Director Roularta Media, one of the Roularta professionals who will be guiding the start-ups.

What are the essential things that every start-up needs to know?

  1. It all hangs on having a good idea and a big enough potential market.
  2. Perseverance is crucial to success.
  3. Just do it! Believe in your product!

Why should start-ups apply for the Roularta Mediatech Accelerator programme?

  • Roularta offers financial support: you will receive 25,000 euros of funding.
  • Roularta will help you to make a business plan.
  • You will benefit from the knowledge and expertise of our Roularta professionals and expert mentors, helping you to conquer both regional and national markets.
  • Roularta has the media power to get start-ups onto regional and national markets more quickly.
  • Once you are launched, your start-up will get extra publicity. Exposure in our publications, as well as other media channels, will ensure that you reach your target group.

Roularta has the media power to get start-ups onto regional and national markets more quickly.

One of the start-ups in which Roularta has already invested is Proxistore, a business which uses geomarketing to help local businesses place banner ads on national news websites.

As a mentor, what will you be contributing to the Accelerator programme?

I will be advising start-ups about communication, advertising and marketing, to ensure that their product or service reaches the right target group. I have plenty of experience in this field, as I was involved in Roularta’s transformation from a ‘monomedia’ to a multimedia business.

What about the future of media?

New technology start-ups will thrive on the national market via exposure in our magazines (e.g. Knack, Trends, Data News and Plus Magazine.). They will also get more local publicity in ‘Krant van West-Vlaanderen’ (West Flanders newspaper), as well as other regional publications such as ‘De Streekkrant’, ‘De Zondag’ and ‘Steps’.

Register your start-up for the Roularta Mediatech Accelerator programme.

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