“Roularta is offering start-ups a helping hand with its winning combination of expert mentors and Roularta professionals” – Erwin Danis, Director of Premedia at Roularta.

Why should start-ups sign up for the Roularta Mediatech Accelerator programme?

Roularta has in-depth knowledge of the B2B and B2C markets, and their respective customers. Start-ups can really benefit from a slice of our expertise. They will receive a wealth of skilled guidance from external mentors, who have plenty of experience of start-ups and from Roularta professionals, who can advise on how best to approach the market. Roularta is also offering media for equity; start-ups can make use of the media space on offer to increase their brand awareness.

What are the five most important principles for start-ups?

  1. Learn from market feedback, and change course if necessary
  2. Be passionate about your business
  3. Network
  4. Be fast
  5. Dare to make losses. It is better to make some mistakes early on than to stumble along for ages. Calculate your affordable loss.

And don’t forget that start-ups need to be entrepreneurial: don’t be afraid to allow your small-scale idea grow into something big.

How has the media evolved and what is Roularta doing to prepare for the future?

In the past, what was crucial was plenty of capital and access to machines to get something in print. If you could achieve that, you were already halfway there. Competition used to revolve around the key players, but since the digital revolution, smaller players have got a look-in, too. Roularta is adjusting to these changes.

That’s what makes working with start-ups so appealing. Start-ups are a product of the digital era and are often scalable. They may well be key players in the future of the media.

Can you give some examples of successful start-ups?

  • StoryMe: a video animation start-up.
  • Showpad: began as a small start-up and is now an international business.
  • Qualifio: a platform for media, brands and offices to create interactive viral content and publish it on their sites, mobile applications and social networks. A strong web-based software platform which allows you to manage your interactions with your target audience, set up online enquiries, Facebook competitions, minisites, mobile and websites etc.

Ready for a future in media? Apply now.

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